Art Collections

Dr. James and Marlene Astman Los Angeles Cloud Bank II
Dr. Ralph Brookes London, Canada Silver Lining
Tom and Kathy Cochrane Toronto Second Reflection , Transparent Axis
Dr. Leroy Clark Tarzana, CA Diagonal Roll II
The Canadian Consulate Mexico City Degrees
Dennis and Deborah Coburn Traverse City, MI Luminous Birdseye
Bryan and Sarah Dawson London, Canada Time & Balance
David and Dianne Dawson London, Canada Wing, Silver Linings
The Dennos Museum Traverse City, MI Random Spots
Joseph Grosswendt Malibu, CA Blue Light
Michael Hayden Santa Rosa, CA Wingbeat
Paul Hess Toronto Tandygraph Suspender
Peter Hess Toronto Flame
Gary Hill New York Single & 60
Paula Holt Hollywood, CA Pan II
Dr. Ihor Holubizky Toronto White Fader
Jennifer Ivey Toronto Suspension in Cylinder
Eli Joseph Encino, CA Wave in the Lilypads
Joe Kool’s Restaurant London, Canada Second Chance
Maggie Lang Toronto Circular Projection III
Todd McMillan Traverse City, MI Silver Cloud Bank
Fred Mednick Seattle Silver Lining
Alan Mills London, Canada Loop ‘A’
Andrew Mills London, Canada Cloud Bank
Selma and Herb Moskowitz Los Angeles Degrees II
Barbara Bennett Brantford, Canada One to One
Marc Price Hollywood, CA Blue Beam
Robert Reid Toronto Ringz
Leah and Jeremy Riehl Delaware, Canada Energy in Cylinder
Carrie Rossman-Shapiro Jeruselum, Israel Zebra Fader
Michael and Anne Smith London, Canada One to One
Deborah and William Sussex Laguna Beach, CA Spray
Bill & Reva Tooley Malibu, CA Tri-Wind
University of Toronto Toronto White Fader
James Vail Toronto Bolt
Arthur Young Accounting Fresno,CA One to One